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Have you found the hair color that suits you perfectly? And are you now wondering if you should dye your hair? Many people wonder if dyeing your hair is bad for you. It’s the eternal question that our Keune hair experts give you the answer to in this. Therefore, we take you through the process of what happens when you dye your hair. Then you can ultimately decide for yourself whether you want it or not.

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We will not claim that dyeing your hair is 100% healthy for your hair. After all, hair coloring does involve a chemical process. However, dyeing your hair is a lot less bad for you than some people think.

Many people often think that dyeing your hair is bad for you because it soaks into the scalp. This is absolutely not true. Hair dye is one of the most researched products for diseases such as cancer. This has shown for years that dyeing your hair is not harmful to your health. Otherwise, it would never have been allowed.

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Most hair dyes contain ammonia. Ammonia causes your hair cuticles to open. This is necessary for the color to penetrate into the fiber layer. To activate the color next, hydrogen peroxide is used. Hydrogen peroxide is water with an oxygen molecule. Without hydrogen peroxide, the hair dye will not develop.


Ammonia is not harmless, but research has shown that ammonia is no more harmful than organic alternatives such as MEA. Ammonia evaporates quickly, so it is only in the hair for a short period of time. Nevertheless, it is good to use the right care products after a color treatment. Think for example of the Vital Nutrition hair mask or a keratin spray.

Do you want an ammonia-free color treatment? Then you should go for a color treatment with our Semi Color. This is a soft hair coloring and lasts on average 24 washes.

Keune Color Semi Color - Backstage


It temporarily affects the hair follicles in order for the new hair color to penetrate the hair and hold it. The moment you let the hair color grow out again, you get healthy hair in return. Namely your own natural hair color.

Tip from the Keune hair experts: Keune Tinta Color. This is a permanent hair color with 100% gray coverage. The formula is rich in protein to protect the scalp. After a color treatment with Tinta Color, your hair still feels soft.